We’re An American Band (Spotify Single)

10th May 2019

Maggie May (Spotify Single)

26th April 2019

Ramble On (Spotify Single)

12th April 2019

Judgement Day (Spotify Single)

3rd April 2019

My Generation (Spotify Single)

22nd March 2019

Dead And Gone (Swamp Version)

14th February 2019

Burn It Down (Radio Edit)

12th November 2018

Can’t Take It With You

12th October 2018

Dead And Gone

22nd June 2018

Burn It Down

6th April 2018

Rise Up

09th March 2018

Live & Louder

19th May 2017

With You And I

21st April 2017

Song And A Prayer

4th November 2016

Make Some Noise

5th August 2016

Make Some Noise

29th July 2016

Long Way to Go

18th June 2016


31st August 2015


31st July 2015

Face I Love (EP)

9th May 2014

Angel in Your Eyes

20th October 2014

It’s Gonna Take Time

21st January 2014

The Dead Daisies

9th August 2013


19th April 2013

Man Overboard (EP)

6th May 2013


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