Taking It to the Streets

“My husband and I went to the Guitar Center show in Cleveland a couple of weeks ago — LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT!!! It was awesome!!! Loved the intimate setting, acoustic performance and listening to to their stories. Great sense of humor! They are so down to earth.”
Kris Goines

The music shop at one time was the heartbeat of the local rock musician’s community. Remember the classic scene in ‘Wayne’s World’ when the shop assistant said, “No Stairway to Heaven!” as Wayne salivated over the white Fender Stratocaster. ‘Smoke on the Water’ and ‘Stairway to Heaven’ used to ring out regularly on a Saturday afternoon as the local musicians gathered to check out the latest guitars and amps to add to their ever-growing wish list.

In a time when certain parts of the music industry are trying to claim that ‘Rock is Dead’, The Dead Daisies are leading a charge that’s taking them to the road not only in clubs and concert halls but straight to the very heart of rock music lovers and musicians communities, in places like music shops and local venues.

What the supporters are saying about DaisyLand

“I totally loved the acoustic shows!
Seeing their raw talents displayed in an up close and personal setting has been fantastic! The fans really enjoyed the music and some Q&A’s as well.”
Tracie Hardy

“I went to the one in Joliet. It was beyond awesome! Celebrating Deen’s birthday hearing the songs unplugged all of it. Please keep doing these.”
Charlie Kaus

“We went to two shows. Both were off the charts great!! These guys are sooo nice! Totally Rockin it!”
Carol & Randy Morton

“I think these events drive home the point that The Dead Daisies are a “fan’s band” and certainly help in elevating the band Brand…keep them going whenever possible!”
Corey Still

“It was truly a Daisey fan’s dream! I hope they make this a pre-show tradition. The whole experience was perfect!”
Michelle Small

One supporter at a time

The band are not just old school in their approach to Rock but also in the way they get their music to a new audience. The Dead Daisies are taking it to the streets through a series of acoustic concerts called ‘DaisyLand’ performed at music stores and venues, the band are getting up, close and personal and adding one supporter at a time. The local Guitar Centers throughout America have opened their arms to help The Dead Daisies bring back the close connection to supporters the way it used to be, when bands would regularly meet their supporters at music events, giving their time to the people that bought their records and concert tickets, unlike the hundreds of dollars some bands charge their supporters in today’s music world for a meet and greet. This hard work has paid dividends, and for those that become lovers and followers of The Dead Daisies, the loyalty they invest in the band is second to none. As The Dead Daisies make their way across America, you can be sure that they are ‘Bringing Rock Back’.

Check out some of the photos and videos from DaisyLand at Guitar Center

Pomona, CA

San Diego, CA

Las Vegas, NV

Austin, TX

Dallas, TX

Houston, TX


Nashville, TN


Albany, NY


Lancaster, PA


Cincinnati, OH


Warrendale, PA


New York, NY


Rochester, NY


Louisville, KY

Flint, MI

Joliet, IL

Fort Wayne, IN

Cleveland, OH

DekiDaisyland at Guitar Center