Holy Ground (Remix)

Unspoken (Remix)Released: 8th January 2021

American electronic based duo Dance With The Dead have put their spin and powerful arrangement to our latest track ‘Unspoken’. The killer remix of the original has arrived and this joint effort with the dance/rock duo is a real foot stomper.

Dance With The Dead are Justin Pointer and Tony Kim. Inspired by retrospective movies and music from the 80’s, using analogue synthesizer sounds, and strong heavy metal roots, ‘Unspoken’ is laced with super-charged vocals and energising drums.

Justin Pointer from Dance With The Dead says: “It was a great honour to work with such powerhouse legends in the industry, and we had a lot of fun working on this”

Since their debut record in 2013, Dance With The Dead have gone on to headline shows across the US and Europe as well as releasing four albums to critical acclaim.