Watch The New Trailer From “Welcome To Daisyland”

Posted on Jan.18, 2019 by Deki

NEW HORROR TV SERIES “WELCOME TO DAISYLAND” TO EXCLUSIVELY FEATURE TRACKS FROM ‘BURN IT DOWN’ For those that claim rock music is a fading trend, Spitfire Music has teamed up with BlackBoxTV to develop a new horror anthology series “Welcome To Daisyland”. We are super excited to provide the soundtrack … Read More

DekiWatch The New Trailer From “Welcome To Daisyland”

Spotify Wednesdays are back fortnightly in 2019

Posted on Jan.16, 2019 by Deki

Spotify Wednesday’s were massive last year and we received some amazing playlists. So, in 2019 we’re bringing back Spotify Wednesdays every fortnight from January 16, due to popular demand! We want you guys to jump on Spotify and play The Dead Daisies songs as much as possible all day!! You … Read More

DekiSpotify Wednesdays are back fortnightly in 2019

A Rockin’ Day of Science and Technology

Posted on Jan.14, 2019 by Deki

Matus, a school teacher from Slovakia messaged us in late 2018, about a project he was doing with his students which involved his favourite vinyl records including his own collection of The Dead Daisies. “Our secondary grammar school hosted an event called ‘A Day of Science and Technology’. We, the … Read More

DekiA Rockin’ Day of Science and Technology


Posted on Jan.12, 2019 by Deki

Here is another cool story, this time from Jen in Liverpool who attended quite a few of our UK shows in 2018. This time around it was a totally different experience, but in the best way. The Daisyland’s and the signings were an amazing idea, making an already, amazing show … Read More


Live Review: Oxford O2 Academy

Posted on Jan.10, 2019 by Deki

After Massive Wagons set it’s hard to see how The Dead Daisies can impress, but impress they do. It’s clear right from the start that these aren’t your average musicians!! They’ve played with some of the biggest names in rock music, and that experience shows. Read the full review here.

DekiLive Review: Oxford O2 Academy

Between Rock And A High Place

Posted on Jan.08, 2019 by Deki

Australian Aviation recently spoke with David Lowy to discuss his love of flying, how he came to found the Temora museum, and the similarities and differences between music, business and flying. “I had wanted to fly since the age of five. My mother bought me this little balsa wood glider. … Read More

DekiBetween Rock And A High Place