2023.11.14 COPENHAGEN_DAY_17-84

Scandinavia, the land of the Vikings, where they like it loud and explosive, so The Dead Daisies are the perfect band to bring to the party! Pumpehuset in the heart of Copenhagen has the right name because The Daisies music pumps off the stage like a Norse God set loose after 10,000 years! Fists pump the air and there are ear shattering screams from the crowd as Corabi leads the charge through ‘Face I Love’, ‘Lock N’ Load’ and ‘Bustle and Flow’.

The band are on fire and are torching every song with huge guitars, Thunderous drums and bass notes so low that it will awaken the oldest dead Viking kings, they were not ‘Dead and Gone’ tonight as The Dead Daisies took on their persona to leave a lasting mark in this wonderful Danish city!

Additional photos by Amanda Ellis, Rene Christensen