We’ve been hangin’ out to get new music to you guys!  So…the next track to take flight from our upcoming album ‘Holy Ground’ is ‘Bustle and Flow’.

“Filled with energy and vigor, ‘Bustle and Flow’ emerged as one of the last tracks to make the cut. It builds and builds and has great movement. It’s about walking through the fear.” – Glenn Hughes

“This song started with the riff, which I wrote with Glenn in mind. It went on the back burner, as the chorus just wasn’t working…. David, Glenn and I worked on it for hours on a few occasions but it wasn’t coming together. David Edwards said, hey guys, what’s up with that song? I said, it’s kinda dead; we can’t find the right chorus. He said, you guys had better get back and finish that track cause I love it and I want it on the record!!! So we did! Ha-ha… I’m very happy DE pushed us.” – Doug Aldrich

Creative Works London, have created an incredible ‘one-off’ animated video.  In this dark, fiery tale a Mysterious Woman arrives at the entrance of a foreboding Sideshow Carnival that has pitched up on the outskirts of town in the grounds of an old dilapidated church graveyard. With stealth and speed on her side, the Raven deals out her punishment outwitting her prey at every turn and subjecting her quarry to a swift and painful demise.

Enter the world of the one who flies with the ravens.

Do yourself a favour and keep your eyes out for our never to be repeated ‘Bustle and Flow’ 12” vinyl.

Check this one out:

DekiBustle And Flow