It’s been a crazy year, and in time for Christmas we’re releasing the aptly named 3rd single ‘Holy Ground’ today.  Its positive message is a reinforcement to enjoy what life has to offer at any given time.

Holy Ground (Shake The Memory) was the first song the band worked on in the pre-production sessions at Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angeles and what became the title track of the upcoming album of the same name being released on January 22, 2021.

Glenn says: “Holy Ground has an intense groove, dramatic light & shade and a massive chorus. It’s about awakening to the present moment, shaking the memory and a transformation into consciousness.”

After we got together in Los Angeles for a jam we all felt the energy and chemistry and it was just the medicine we all needed: to get fired up for what we hope will be a huge 2021!

Holy Ground is a deep intense musical ride that takes unexpected turns and drops you off exhausted but happy!!” – Doug Aldrich

The performance video features the band banging it out live against trippy shots of deep space and desolate cemeteries? Seriously, what more could a diehard rock fan ask for in a video?

We all stand firmly on Holy Ground.

DekiHoly Ground Single