2023.11.09 GERMANY_DAY_12-47

The Dead Daisies landed at Airport Obertraubling in Regensburg tonight and proceeded to take to the stage like fighter jets as they flew through a set of ‘Best of’ numbers under the beams of light that lit up the stage like searchlights looking for the enemy! The band have very much landed on this tour, selling out venues, and winning new fans as well as making a lot of old fans very happy. Germany has always been a popular country for The Dead Daisies and this tour is no different.

A near sell out on the night, the crowd packed tightly towards the stage as the band jumped around like a band half their age belting out ‘Lock N’ Load’, ‘Midnight Moses’ and the Whitesnake classic ‘Slide It In’! The audience couldn’t get enough, and ‘Born To Fly’ from the last album was the perfect track to play in a venue with ‘Airport’ in the title! After a day off, the band will play their first pre-sold out tour of this campaign in the Netherlands on Saturday! Remember to get your tickets for other shows as soon as you can because they are selling fast!

Additional photos by Michael Merckel, Sabrina Sixx