Tonight the band were back in Switzerland playing the Z7 Club in Pratteln for the first time since May 2018. There has been a lot happening in the subsequent four years and tonight’s show would have a different feel once more with the temporary additions of young Dino on vocals and the well travelled Yogi on bass.

The band took some time to walk around the city, and Doug discovered a dragon breathing smoke which did not look out of place in this medieval looking town.

This would be the first full show for the new guys, and at 9pm hitting the stage, like fitting into a glove, they easily worked their way stealthily through the songs like they had been doing them for months, maybe even years. From the driven downstrokes created by David Lowy on ‘Long Way To Go’ through a collection of Daisies classics from various eras of the band with ‘Rise Up’ and ‘Dead and Gone’ through to ‘Bustle and Flow’, ‘My Fate’ and latest single ‘Shine On’, this current rendition of The Dead Daisies blew the audience away! One more full set in Germany tomorrow before joining up with Judas Priest to finish the tour at the weekend.

Additional photos by Great Moments, Christian und Iris Bührer, Rock Odyssey