Third Time Lucky in Zoetermeer

2023.11.11 ROTTERDAM_DAY_14-49

‘I’m back, Resurrected’ screamed John Corabi from the stage as the band appeared out of the smoke for a sold out show! The fans have a real appetite for the band and you could see by the raised hands as Doug threw out his picks. From the high octane start to the acoustic simmering of ‘Something I Said’ the band were on full power as they took the crowd on a journey through the best of The Daisies catalogue.

From the band intros to the final song ‘Midnight Moses’ before the band disappeared momentarily before emerging with not two but three encore numbers. The sold out crowd was so loud in their demands for the band to return to the stage, ‘Helter Skelter’ was blasted before a final bow. The Netherlands love The Dead Daisies, it’s official!!

Additional photos by Friso Pas, Harry de Groot, Henk Jonas, Johan Pelt Van, Elsie Roymans, Jill Van Zanten, Jill Van Zanten, Stephanie Reitz

DekiThird Time Lucky in Zoetermeer