This Beatles classic has been a regular cover version in The Dead Daisies set since the first series of live shows in 2013 with Jon Stevens on vocals. A track, that like a rollercoaster, can take both band and audience on a journey that builds and builds before taking it to a fast, furious and breathtaking finish. This version was recorded live in Frankfurt, Germany at the Musikmesse industry expo during the start of the ‘Make Some Noise’ tour of 2016, the band had been invited to be one of the main bands at this prestigious event. Now, John Corabi fronted the band along with David Lowy, Marco Mendoza, new guitarist to the band Doug Aldrich making his debut live performance.

The Dead Daisies have played this track live many more times than the Beatles ever did. Out of all the cover versions of this song, The Dead Daisies have made it the 4th most performed version ever! The Beatles never played ‘Helter Skelter’ beyond the recording on the 1968 record known as the ‘White Album’. The song was Paul McCartney’s attempt to create a loud and dirty sound and it is considered by some to be a key influence in the early development of hard rock.



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