2023.11.17 GOTHENBURGE_DAY_20-75

This is another sold out show. Since John Corabi returned to The Dead Daisies earlier this year there has been a noticeable buzz with the fans, especially in Europe. Most of these European dates are selling out on the night if not before like this Gothenburg gig. By the time the guys are ready to walk on stage the venue Valand it packed tightly with Swedish Rock fans eager to see this latest lineup including new bassist Michael Deven. After ‘Resurrected’ has given everyone a huge wake up call, the band dive into’Rise Up’ followed by a bunch of songs from the start of the band including the infectious’Miles in Front of Me’!

With very little room to breathe, the sold out crowd still managed to express their love for the band as they follow every word from the master of ceremonies, the one and only JC whether he asked them to clap or raise their fists! Both band and crowd are breathless by the time they play the final handful of songs, like the track ‘Long Way To Go’ it really feels like everyone has run a marathon tonight and the best part is that every beed of sweat has been worth it! One more show to go for this leg of the tour, Oslo we are coming!!

Additional photos by Magnus M P Moller, Tero Pekka Ristakoski, Anneli Andreasson, Dick Karlsson, Erik Mulder, Pauline Pousar