2023.11.07 LYON_DAY_10-72

The third date of the European tour and the second in France is in Lyon at La Rayonne. As with Paris, the show is packed and not far off a sell out. After spending a couple of days in Paris, the band were in the South of France ready to play a set full of big tunes from the ‘Best of’ album. After kicking off the show with established opener for this tour ‘Resurrected’, David, Doug, John, Brian and Michael launched into a jukebox of larger than life versions of ‘Long Way To Go’, ‘Midnight Moses’, ‘Make Some Noise’ and ‘Bustle and Flow’ just to name a few of the tracks exploding out of the speakers.

Between the soaring guitar solos of Aldrich, the thunderous drumming of Tichy with both Lowy and Devin holding the structures of these towering songs together in the rhythm of the bass and guitar, all that was needed was the screaming banshee that is John Corabi jumping all over it. The guys are having fun on this tour and it’s clear for all to see.

Additional photos by Bicais Olivier