Richard Fortus Answers From The Dead Daisies Q&A

Richard has answered his second round of questions from our Q&A. You can see all his answers below!

QUESTION 1: Midnite – How does it feel to play in two bands with so many talented artists?

I feel incredibly fortunate!  It’s so great to be able to work with so many amazing musicians.  It’s also very time consuming.  It’s such an honor to have such great players want to work with me.  It still blows me away when I look around on stage and I think “how the hell did i get HERE?!!”

QUESTION 2: Rowdy Prins – Hello Richard, big fan from the netherlands here. I actually have 2 questions. 1: How do you manage to get all the work done for all the bands and projects your in? and number 2 is: How do you hold your pick? I believe you use a Jazz III pick, but it sometimes looks like you hold your pick with three fingers. althoug I don’t actually think you do that. Giving me some insight in that would be awesome. Keep on rocking!! Greetingzz Rowdy Prins

Working with both bands is difficult with scheduling and work load.  I try and spend as much time with my daughters as possible and playing with both bands makes it difficult.  I’m constantly try and juggle everything and often times it’s not easy.

As for my pick, I do often hold it with 3 fingers and my thumb.  The more rigid you can hold it, the better.  At least for leads.  For rhythm playing with a lot of the Gn’R stuff, I’ll use a more standard sized, thinner Dunlop for a different tone.  I also play quite a bit with my fingers.

QUESTION 3: Tommy -If you had to choose your favorite tube type what would it be? Also what kind of tube in your mind brings just an incredible thunderous tone? What amp do you like your favorite tubes in?

Wow, i honestly don’t think i HAVE a favorite!  I love EL84’s for some stuff, i love 6L6’s, 34’s, KT88’s.  Really hard to say what is my favorite.  I think that for heavy rock stuff, I always tend to lean towards EL34’s.  THough I do love KT88’s for heavy sounds too, I think that overall, if you are going to pick one amp to play live with, i’d almost always go for 34’s.  My signature Voodoo R4-100 has 34’s and that amp is amazing!  Thanks for asking!

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DekiRichard Fortus Answers From The Dead Daisies Q&A