2023.11.08 TREZZO_DAY_11-53

The Dead Daisies are in top gear and racing across Europe, even cattle blocking the road wasn’t going to stop them making the Live Club in Trezzo Sull’adda on the outskirts of Milan, Italy! They were in Milan in July last year, but this is the first time in five years since playing Italian soil with John Corabi. Almost packed to capacity which is becoming a trend on this tour, the band exploded onto the stage with set opener ‘Resurrected’!

There is a new invigorating look, sound and determination with the band, it’s almost as if they have been given a new lease of life. Just listen to oldies like ‘Face I Love’ and ‘Miles in Front of Me’ which are sounding like brand new songs along with Corabi era classics like ‘With You and I’ and ‘Mexico’ while the ‘Holy Ground’ songs kick ass with the five piece juggernaut that is The Dead Daisies! Doug Aldrich and David Lowy twin guitar attack along with the pumping rhythm of Tichy and Devin’s drums and bass are driving the music at lightning speed. Italy has truly been Rocked! Next up is the first German show of the tour in Regensburg.

Additional photos by Andrea Romeo, Claudia Cevoli, Katia Paravati, Robin Dee, Katia Paravati, Naty Manuelli, Christina Vigano, Luca Antoniucci, Roger Chirpaz, Laura Pll