2023.11.04 ZURICH_DAY_7-47

It has been a long time coming, but finally Europe and tonight Switzerland got to experience the return of The Dead Daisies fronted once more with John Corabi. Z7 in Pratteln erupted as ‘Resurrected’ exploded out of the speakers, and after that it was non stop. The Best of album was in full show as a collection of big Daisies songs were fired out of the stage. ‘Midnight Moses’, ‘Mexico’ and loads more kept coming.

The Swiss may sometimes be thought of as mild mannered and quiet, but tonight they wanted to show how much they love this band as the noise from the crowd went up a level. Switzerland may be known as the financial capital of the world, but tonight it was rich in the love it has for The Dead Daisies and their music. The band has truly arrived and are ready to Rock!!

Additional photography by Didier Hornbeck, Karin Stocker, Christian Buhrer, Daniela Stamper