Here is another cool story, this time from Jen in Liverpool who attended quite a few of our UK shows in 2018.

This time around it was a totally different experience, but in the best way. The Daisyland’s and the signings were an amazing idea, making an already, amazing show even better. The amount that the band interacts with the fans just shows how really humble and down to earth they are, they don’t have to do all of the lovely things they do, but the fact that they do it makes me love them even more. I bring my daughter Holly to see The Daisies too and she loves them just as much as me. I also recently started bringing my son Aiden, and my oldest daughter Laura even came along to a show (and she’s really not the biggest fan of that kinda thing). They really keep things fresh, and it’s the never the same show, all three times that we saw them in November were all different. I can’t wait for them to come back soon!

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