The music video for “Dead And Gone” has been “Rising Up” and taking up a lot of space on American screens! Since launching, it’s been picked up over fifteen times by different programmes! What’s really great is the span of different stations and providers: From national music video programming (Music Choice), video on-demand (PCMusic), and multi-market TV (LATV, Multiplicity, and H2O TV) to regional stations (Music City Arts Nashville), retail pool/content providers (ClubCom) and additional placements all over the internet!
We love the fact that our material is reaching such a massive crowd and that everyone is getting the chance to get a glimpse of DaisyLand.

Here’s a full list of all programmes that have picked up our undead little piece of Rock so far – more to come:
1. Music Choice – multi platform music network from New York NY
2. ClubCom Network – private television programming for the health and fitness industry from Pittsburgh PA
3. LATV – Latino-owned TV network from Los Angeles, CA
4. – quality music recommendations from all over the web
5. Multiplicity – the most influential music outlet airing on JBTV from Chicago IL
6. – multi media musical community from Boston, MA
7. – independent reviews dedicated to the advancement of music
8. – music expert network filled with writers of grand expertise
9. – online music zine with the latest music news
10. – leading independent publisher featuring news from the
worldwide music scene
11. Music City Arts – Nashville’s Public Arts Television, Nashville TN
12. IndieWave – exclusive 24/7 music channel on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, YouTube and millions of cable homes in the US and around the world
13. H2o Television – 6.5 Million+ potential viewers on Cable throughout the five boroughs of New York City, NY
14. – the premiere indie and unsigned 24/7 Music Video channel and Social Network
15. VIDEObox on – On-Demand music video service that allows subscribers to view and play in stunning 1080P HD

And all this while “Rise Up” is nowhere near being “Dead And Gone”, having recently been picked up by Video Hits and Skeelove’s House of Hip-Hop and online platform Mind Noise Network.

With our zombified music video getting this much reach, the zombie-apocalypse really might be near! And quite frankly, it looks ROCKING!



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