The Daisies interactive wall at Download Festival


“As a musician kid growing up in Philadelphia I always read about Donington in Kerrang and other music mags from Europe, so playing that festival was always a goal of mine. It was scheduled to be the first gig I did with Motley Crue in 1994, and for some reason we cancelled, I was bummed. So when I saw it on our schedule with The Dead Daisies, all I can say I was more than excited to get there!!! I wasn’t sure what to expect as we had the 11 am opening slot on the last day, but, the crowd didn’t disappoint. Despite rain, and early show, the Download faithful showed up HUGE!!!! It was packed!! And every last person gave us an AMAZING response!!! Now I can finally say I played Download/Donnignton Festival, and had more than a great time!!!” John Corabi

So Download was awesome!

What’s a UK festival without a bit of mud? Despite the rain and the muddy fields, you all turned out in your numbers to rock with us and even interact with our signing + selfie wall. Check some of our pics to see if you can see yourself.

If you signed or took a picture with the members of the band on our big triangular wall, send it over so we can publish them in our gallery!










DekiThe Daisies interactive wall at Download Festival