Crazy in Cologne

The band arrived in Germany on Thursday in preparation for their first set of club shows in Germany. Continuing a recent trend, the Cologne show was sold out as The Dead Daisies popularity continues to soar.

On arriving at the venue the bus, parking outside at the front, was greeted by hundreds of fans who immediately gravitated to the band like a magnet. The scenes were chaotic as members made their way into the club, and it makes you realise that something is happening. There is a feverish, excitement around The Dead Daisies that is only expected from some of the biggest pop stars on the planet, before long they will have to wear a disguise and book into hotels as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

The venue, The Luxor, like its Egyptian name suggested, was hot, sweaty and sticky, all of which added to the overall atmosphere as the intro tape bellowed out of the speakers. The riff of the opening number of this tour ‘Midnight Moses’ was crunched out by Doug Aldrich and David Lowy as the rhythm section of Tichy and Mendoza added the thunder, and then like the final element to the on-stage storm John Corabi came flying in like a tornado to conduct the crowd screaming back ‘Hey, hey, hey’!

Other than a slight pause with slower number ‘Something I Said’ from Revolucion, the pace and the power of the Daisies juggernaut kept pounding all the way through the set. Tichy, caught up in the excitable atmosphere of the night, was even launching drumsticks into the ceiling.

As with every show on this tour, they are here to promote the new album ‘Make Some Noise’ which will be out in a few days. Already familiar numbers like ‘Long Way to Go’, ‘Make Some Noise’ and ‘Join Together’ have spread across the airwaves and with the addition of more songs like ‘We All Fall Down’ and ‘Last Time I Saw the Sun’, the Cologne crowd were converts to the cause.

With a ‘Greatest hits of Rock’ mixed into the set including numbers by Free, Deep Purple and The Beatles, the crowd were able to really have their cake and eat it feeling satisfied at the end although still wanting more.

The band had put on a conquering show which was further justified by another venue load of people wanting to meet them at the end. Thank you Cologne, it was hot, it was fun and the fans were incredible!

DekiCrazy in Cologne

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