Our Concert For Freedom at Woodstock Poland: The Full Video Experience!

Hey gang,

we want to take you back to this very special night when we played in front of 500.000 people with a 60-piece orchestra at the world famous Woodstock Festival Poland! So glad we can share this with you guys! Can’t wait to do it all again!

The Dead Daisies would like to thank everyone that made Woodstock Poland such a memorable experience:

Jurek Owsiak, the festival creator and promoter of Woodstock Poland, for his incredible support!

Bartek Stolarek, whose hard work made sure this all came together!

The incredible Gorzów Philharmonic Orchestra and Monika Wolińska, their amazing conductor,
Ania and Ewa, our awesome background singers, Titus, Łukasz, the fantastic orchestrator,
Rafal, our fearless tour manager, the local crew but most of all,

YOU, our fans

and all the music lovers of Poland who turned up to make Woodstock the event it is!

You have been unbelievable and have made this one of the best nights of our lives!!

This night was all about love, peace & freedom and making the world a better place.


Peace, Love & Freedom!
The Dead Daisies

DekiOur Concert For Freedom at Woodstock Poland: The Full Video Experience!

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