After a non-stop 28 hour stint that saw two gigs played in less than 9 hours at opposite ends of the English countryside, the band made a final stop on this marathon of three shows with their first trip to Wales since the triumphant gig at PlanetRockstock this past December, a festival which they will return to this year as headliners. Although not quite in the headline spot for Steelhouse, you know it won’t be long before The Dead Daisies wrestle that mantle away from this years top bands Thunder and The Darkness.

As ever, the band erupted onto the stage with the song that is now an adopted classic ‘Midnight Moses’ and immediately the drenched audience went wild. After a week of near baking hot conditions, weather on the Steelhouse site had turned the music park into a water park complete with mud slides!

As with the introduction of Doug Aldrich into the band, likewise, the set is now starting to take shape with each performance, while the new songs start to bed in to place. The first single off the new album ‘Long Way to Go’ received a heartfelt welcome like an old friend, the consistent plugging on the likes of Planet Rock Radio has done a great job in seeping it into the hearts and minds of the growing legion of Daisies fans. Other tracks like the title song ‘Make Some Noise’, ‘Last Time I Saw the Sun’ and new single ‘Join Together’ all helped in focusing the minds of fans to prepare for the August 5th release.

With the sixty minute time slot allocated, its always difficult to choose a set-list that covers everything and utilises the best material for the festivals audience, its inevitably like picking your favourite children where some miss out. However, the songs on display today packed the adequate amount of kick-ass punch to leave the Welsh audience wanting more, one fan proclaimed “The Dead Daisies just turned the mountain into a volcano of rock. They blew the bloody top off it.”

As John, Doug, David, Marco and Brian launched into the final encore of ‘Helter Skelter’ they can be satisfied in knowing tonight a job has been done very convincingly. Wales will want The Dead Daisies back, and it can’t come soon enough. Come hell or high water, and there was bucket loads of water, the fans made sure they came out in force. Soaked to the skin they cheered on the band who in turn would like to give a huge thanks and mark of respect for the fans dedication. See you soon Wales!


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