The Make Some Noise tour continues to be busy – both from a fan interest and scheduling-wise. It’s a whirlwind of playing, travel, meeting the fans, doing press and then some, all in the name of Rock’n’Roll. And no-one would have it any other way…

The band left Munich on Monday morning to fly north to Berlin for their next set of appearances and gigs. On arrival, there was a radio interview set-up with Star FM to talk about the new album and the show, followed by a live acoustic broadcast at Bikini Berlin, a trendy shopping and entertainment landmark.

Berlin is a city full of both history and culture. One of the most recent historic monuments was the site of the Berlin wall which separated East and West Germany. Marco paid the landmark a visit and stood over both sides.

The venue for tonights show, Binuu is situated in Kreuzberg, a cosmopolitan artistic district of East Berlin, very vibrant and busy. Proceedings take on a similar role each night with the intro tape pulsating out of the speakers welcomed by a loud German roar and then the familiar ringing chords of ‘Midnight Moses’, a song the band have adopted as their own and has taken on a role as The Dead Daisies signature tune.

The new songs are causing maximum impact with audiences on this tour. ‘Long Way To Go’ has really set light to the rock radio airwaves across Europe and judging by the packed and excited crowd not only in tonights shows but previous ones, venues can only get bigger and the fan base even larger. A set bursting full of both rock classics and Daisies classics was enough to send the crowd crazy with excitement, and new numbers like the frantic ‘Mainline’ which is a tip of the hat to both Motörhead and 70’s Aerosmith set fire to the atmosphere of the intimate club.

Nearly two hours on-stage can be like running a marathon when you put every bit of your heart and soul into a performance like The Dead Daisies do night after night. The fans appreciate every performance and the fact that their is no barriers between them and the band when they can meet, talk, take photographs and get autographs after the show. Next stop is Osnabrück, but for now, the band reflect on another great gig with another fantastic set of fans. Thank you Berlin!


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