Ending the Kruise with a bang

So the last day came… and the KISS Kruise made its way back to Miami. All those who got up early (or turned in exceptionally late) witnessed a spectacular sunset on the way.

The day brought lots of Rock’n’Roll and a lot of cool people together. There was for example a bunch of rockers from South America giving the band a real warm welcome. Awesome. They practically invited the guys to Argentina. Now that would be great – well, you never know! Turned out they were huge Daisies fans as well, raising hell during the show and singing along loudly to everything. Cool. You guys rock, in fact, all you guys rock! The show itself was great. The Daisies threw in a cover of the Grand Funk’s „We Are An American Band“, Doug Pinnick (of King’s X) joined on stage and Doug Aldrich even jumped on the bar to throw down some badass solos! Watch your drinks, ladies and gentlemen!

The KISS Kruise was a blast, no doubt. We’re honored that we could join the KISS Navy one more time. A huge thank you goes out to the mighty KISS and to Sixthman for having us and of course to the fans rocking the boat with us. Always a pleasure!

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DekiEnding the Kruise with a bang