Burn It Down review from The Rockpit

Posted on Feb.12, 2019 by Deki

Burn It Down received some amazing reviews when released. We thought we’d share some with you! Here’s one from The Rockpit! Enjoy! For a band who already set a high bar for themselves in the past this is their ’11’moment! – Mark – The Rockpit Read the full review here!

DekiBurn It Down review from The Rockpit

My first Daisies trip

Posted on Feb.10, 2019 by Deki

I had already fallen in love with The Dead Daisies before I saw them and met them in Helsinki and also on the KISS Kruise VI. But this funny little trip grew the feelings even stronger. So.. I really needed to see my new love, and they were not coming … Read More

DekiMy first Daisies trip

The Dead Daisies Rock for Ozzie

Posted on Feb.08, 2019 by Deki

In a world that can feel too busy or uncaring, sometimes it can be uplifting to have the opportunity to spread a little happiness. This chance came for us when we played Belfast late last year on our Winterland tour. Fifteen year old, Ozzie, is a big rock fan and … Read More

DekiThe Dead Daisies Rock for Ozzie

Day 7 – The Concert for Peace

Posted on Feb.06, 2019 by Deki

After the build-up over the last week it was finally show day for the ‘Concert for Peace’. While the crew left the hotel early to start the set-up for the show, the band took advantage of the free-time to explore the streets of Havana. They visited Habala Vieja, an area … Read More

DekiDay 7 – The Concert for Peace

Day 6 – Starting a Revolucion

Posted on Feb.05, 2019 by Deki

With the Concert for Peace a day away, the band spent the day in the studio where they rehearsed for the momentous event as well as putting down tracks for the next album. After taking some new band images in the morning with photographer Katarina Benzova, the band headed to … Read More

DekiDay 6 – Starting a Revolucion

United in Newcastle

Posted on Feb.03, 2019 by Deki

There’s nothing like returning to a city after a two-year hiatus. Last November we rolled back into Newcastle to perform at the O2 Academy. This time we opened the doors early for the first fifty avid fans to join us for an acoustic performance called Daisyland. This was just the … Read More

DekiUnited in Newcastle