…and then it was our time to rock the boat!

Day 2 on the KISS Kruise: Finally it was our time to rock the boat! Imagine the scenery: Afternoon, sun, somewhere out at sea, a light buzz from a cocktail or three, surrounded by a ship full of other Rockers – sounds great, doesn’t it? Throw in a kickass Rock’n’Roll band, and the party is ON! Needless to say, the Daisies set went down a storm. Thanks for all rockin’ with us!

Equally big splashes were made at the bellyflop contest, judged by Sophie Simmons. Good fun! After Doug met with Tommy Thayer and King’s X, our guys had the chance to witness the set by Whitford/St. Holmes, Marco got to try on some heels (don’t ask), and then it was off to the bowling alley with fans and friends. Strike!

Click here for pics from the massive signing.

Click here for day 1 on the Kruise!

Deki…and then it was our time to rock the boat!

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