The Kiss Kruise: Setting sails for the Creatures Of The Deep!

The Kiss Kruise IV is on! It’s not the first time for the Daisies on that rockin’ ship, but the first with not-so-new-anymore guy Doug on lead guitar. Everyone was looking forward to this, so the mood is high when the ship leaves Miami.

Since there is no show scheduled for the Daisies, everyone just enjoys themselves and meets old friends like John who ran into his old Union bandmate Brend Fitz. Both hang out with Derek St. Holmes from Whitford St. Holmes and have some drinks. As one does. The Daisies are of course happy to meet their fans, as always, and happily take pictures. The fact that all pics with Marco also have nice ladies in them surely is just a coincidence.

At night KISS play an unmasked performance at the pool deck with a kickass setlist that even includes rarely played gems like „A World Without Heroes“. Awesome! Needless to say the audience parties big time on deck and in the hot tubs. How cool is that? Afterwards our guys watch King’s X, a great band from Texas, and the mighty Skid Row, and generally have a good time. After all, out on the high seas, we can make some noise as much as we like, right?

DekiThe Kiss Kruise: Setting sails for the Creatures Of The Deep!