I see my old friend you still battle

A glass of lonely in your hand

And the signs are so familiar

And you know I understand

The fear you have inside to start again

Yes I know the tears your cry just leave them all behind


Coz that was yesterday x 2


There’s a madman in the alley

Sometimes I think it could be me

But there for the Grace of God go I…. you understand yeah

And you know sometimes we need a friend

To give a little love and lend a hand

And you know the fear inside you got to recognize


That was yesterday x 4



Live Love Life

You know we’re all the same

Sometimes we need the chance to start again

And after all the tears we cry just leave it all behind


Coz that was yesterday x 4


The only thing we leave behind

Is all the Love we give that comes from deep inside

Look through the window of your life

Where did you compromise?

On your piece of mind?

That was yesterday