Year In Review: Verona, Download, Paris

The Daisies Recap or: Year In Review! The band spent June of last year criss-crossing Europe and alternating between shows with the legendary KISS and playing some of the coolest festivals of the continent.

The most spectacular venue surely was the Arena di Verona in Italy, especially for a huge Rock show. The Daisies supported KISS there on June 11th – and got some awesome shots. Check out the group picture and David Lowy riffin’ out in front of an awesome scenery! During the day, Richard Fortus checked out some beautiful local art – and tried his dramatic acting abilities.

On June 12th, The Daisies arrived in London and spent two days there. Apart from doing lots of interviews, they prepared for the big show at Download, one of the most prestigious festivals. Thankfully there was enough time for Marco Mendoza and the Daisies’ manager to take a stroll through London and get some pictures. And what could be more British than a red phone box?

Two days later it was finally “D-Day“, the day of the famous Download Festival in Donington. Big event, big day, and a lot of people showed up! John Corabi commented: “As a musician kid growing up in Philadelphia, I always read about Donington in Kerrang! and other music mags from Europe, so playing that festival was always a goal of mine.“ Now he got to clown around with Richard backstage and play guitar and sing center stage. The Daisies played early, but the turnout was great, and loads of fans signed the big Daisies wall that was put up on the grounds. It turned out to be an amazing day for the band, with a great show and new rockers converted to the cause. Maybe that’s why Marco seems to have so much energy that his bass takes off for the skies…

Coming up next was Paris on June 15th, 2015 – and not the worst place to have a day off in. So naturally the band took in the sights & vibe of this cool city. And another big show would happen the next day at Zenith. We got a bunch of cool pictures there, the vibe was definitely right.

Stay tuned for the next installment and check out past editions here.

DekiYear In Review: Verona, Download, Paris