Year In Review: Rocking Europe, big & small, loud & quiet

Here’s another installment of The Daisies Recap, our Year In Review for 2015: At the beginning of June, the Daisies were in the midst of a Euro tour supporting Kiss at huge arenas as well as playing some of the most prestigious festivals on the continent. June 4th saw a show opening up for Kiss in Leipzig. Check out the impressive stage and the cool poses Lowy strikes in front of the Daisies logo! The next day, the band played an intimate acoustic gig at the Hard Rock Cafe in Vienna, supporting the chain’s cancer charities, signing autographs and meeting some cool people. On June 6th, another festival was on the list: The newly founded Rock in Vienna, which turned out to be a huge success for the guys.

So all was well and rockin’ last summer for the Daisies. Stay tuned for the next „Year In Review“ and check out past editions here.

DekiYear In Review: Rocking Europe, big & small, loud & quiet