Year in Review – relive 2015 with us!

The last year was just great! We had so much fun with you guys all over the world, we would love to relive it all! Join us for the „Year in Review“, a regular installment of the highpoints of 2015. The shows, the studios, the countries, the people, the travel and most importantly the music. Just look for the hashtag „#DaisiesRecap“ on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and of course here on the homepage. Enjoy and let us know if you were there!
The Dead Daisies

Year 2015 in review – The Dead Daisies Recap:

The first highlight for the band was surely the trip to Cuba. Not many bands have played there, let alone spent almost a week filled with several gigs of all sizes, a visit to a music school and recording in a Cuban studio. The band were impressed by the beauty of the country and the passion of the people, as can be seen in the documentary movie and the book „Revolucion“.

On the first day of the Cuba trip, the band would visit Abdala Studios where they jammed with their travelling friends Darryl Jones and Bernhard Fowler, both of whom have been playing with The Rolling Stones for a long time. The guys also met a group of very talented Cuban musicians, so a lot of Rock‘n‘Roll fun was had by all, as can be seen by the comments of The Daisies:

As an American, playing in Cuba it is an incredible opportunity. To work and learn from Cuban musicians, and to experience their unique musical character is a dream of mine. I know this will be one of my greatest experiences yet!“ – Richard Fortus

The week in Cuba was unbelievable, it was one of the best musical experiences of my life.“  – David Lowy

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On the street in Cuba

Cuba Studio

Cuba People

DekiYear in Review – relive 2015 with us!