Year In Review: Prague & Zürich with Kiss!

The Daisies Recap returns, this time from Prague and Zürich, where the Daisies played with Kiss last June.

On June 7th, the band visited the wonderful city of Prague. After doing loads of press & radio during the day, they headed to the Hard Rock Cafe for a kick-ass acoustic set in front of a packed house. After seeing the sights of this beautiful city of course! Visiting exciting places is a good thing about touring. The next day was show day at the huge o2 Arena, where John Corabi was making good use of his spare time with a shopping trolley. We just don’t know exactly for what… Maybe that’s the secret to being able to scream one’s ass off as John does, as can be witnessed in the picture.

On June 9th, the Daisies traveled to beautiful Zürich for another show with KISS. Check out the pic from the flight, there’s actually THREE members in it. After arrival, the guys took in the sights of this beautiful city, played an acoustic set in a guitar store and again did loads of press. A day in the life on an international Rock’n’Roll band. And no-one would have in any other way! The next day, Marco ran into the legendary Paul Stanley at the venue, the Hallenstadion. Kiss are a great band and great people, and their audience took well to the Daisies at that evening’s show. Afterwards the band made sure to meet you guys, signed autographs and posed for pictures. Not the worst job in the world, right?

Stay tuned for the next installment and check out past editions here.

DekiYear In Review: Prague & Zürich with Kiss!