Year In Review: Amsterdam, Graspop and Spain

The Year In Review with the last installment from the Euro summer tour of 2015: The band had been rockin’ all over the continent, joining the mighty KISS for some shows, playing big festivals for others.

After a thunderous show in Paris, the band traveled to Amsterdam on June 17th. With all that frantic action, a day off was very much welcomed. The city is beautiful and unique, with its Red Light District and coffee shops. And Dizzy found out that the gazillions of bicycles can be just as dangerous as cars… A night was spent on the town to relax, rainy or not, of course all in preparation for the big rock show…

During the next day’s show at the huge Ziggo Dome as part of the dates with KISS, the Daisies were joined on stage by Chris Glen on bass while Marco shook his tambourine with that wide smile of his. Chris had been a member of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band who originally wrote and recorded “Midnight Moses“, he also played some legendary tours with Michael Schenker. Things like that are always fun, and a good time was had by all. Our terrific photographer Kat managed to snap some great pics from stage that night. As you can see, that place is big, and there’s a LOT of people! Nice perspective, right?

Less than 12 hours later, our “fearless five“ were back on yet another stage, this time in Belgium at the Graspop festival. 11.30am is an early slot for bands and fans alike, but word got out that there’s a cool show to be missed, so the Daisies’ gig was packed. What a great start to a festival day! Later the band as usual did a signing session where they met a lot of cool fans – and a duck. Well, stranger things have turned up at events like that… :)

Next on the schedule were shows in Barcelona and Madrid, yet again with KISS, that would be the first for the Daisies in the country. After a long drive, everybody enjoyed the day off in Barcelona on June 20th, enjoying the sights, the sun and some nice beaches. Come show time, it was full-on Rock’n’Roll again, as can be seen in the great photos with John belting it out all sweat, tattoos and hair and Richard going „Air Fortus“. Just another day in the office? No way.

But all good things must come to an end: June 22nd, 2015 marked the last show of the Euro tour with Kiss. It’s absolutely been a blast, as you can see on these shots from Madrid!

As Marco later commented: „Europe in general has always been a place where if you have something to offer and they like it they will be your fans forever. They really appreciate good music and good bands. Can’t wait to get back!”

DekiYear In Review: Amsterdam, Graspop and Spain