Wild In Wacken

Wacken Open Air is considered the worlds biggest heavy rock festival these days as it sees around 85,000 people each year. It has come a long way since its inception in 1990 as a small festival supporting local acts. Based in the small northern village of Wacken the festival is now a huge affair lasting 4 days and featuring some of the giants of Rock. Tonights headliners were Iron Maiden, but before that The Dead Daisies would have the opportunity to take the stage and show what they can do.

The band arrived on-site after 2 in the beautiful sunshine, and immediately started doing interviews before hitting the stage just before 5pm. With a shorter set, ‘Midnight Moses’ kicked off the proceedings, and right away there was a sea of hands in the air clapping along and taking the lead from John Corabi.

Doug Aldrich is a man very well known to these rock crowd masses from his time in Whitesnake, and his presence added to both the interest and curiosity in attracting many new fans to watch the band and see what The Dead Daisies were all about. His guitar riff from ‘Long Way to Go’ from the new set of songs won a big cheer as fans recognised the recent track from the radio airwaves.

The set was deliberately packed out with songs from the new record as this was the eve of the release. ‘Make Some Noise’, ‘Fortunate Son’ and ‘Mainline’ were all packed in between regular crowd favourites ‘With You and I’ and ‘Helter Skelter’.

This was the first time for the band to play this massive festival, but judging by both the crowd and bands reaction, it hopefully won’t be the last. Another one ticked of the list, thank you Wacken, it was awe inspiring.

DekiWild In Wacken