Well-dressed rockers in Richmond, VA

The KISS tour is drawing to a close. That’s a perfect reason to kick even more ass. Plus it’s a Friday night in Richmond, VA, and the masses want ROCK. And that’s exactly what they are getting…

The Daisies, band and crew, are a well-oiled machine by now, ready to take on every big stage that’s coming their way. Production runs smoothly, everybody knows their place and what to do. John gives us a little tour backstage (see video), while David, Doug and Marco spend some time in the Jam Room to get their groove on.

The show hits hard, afterwards the Daisies do a signing and meet the fans – as they do almost every night. It’s cool to see how many of you fly our colours, picking up stickers & posters, and especially those wearing Daisies merch. Looks great next to all these cool KISS shirts everywhere! Take a look for yourself.

If you fancy some Daisies merch yourself, just check our webstores on three continents here – we ship worldwide. Remember: Skulls rock!

Coming up next: The last show on the ‘Freedom To Rock‘ trek in Huntington, WV. But that won’t be the end of the road for the Daisies, that’s for sure!

DekiWell-dressed rockers in Richmond, VA