Week 1 wrap up of our US tour with Whitesnake

After a year away from US shores, The Dead Daisies have returned with huge intent with a new album, documentary and book. This time they are here as guests to rock legends Whitesnake/David Coverdale​.

The first week of shows saw them wind like a snake from New York to New Haven and down to Florida to play Jacksonville and Melbourne before reaching the world’s fun capital Orlando for the start of this up-coming week.

As with Europe, the shows saw the band hitting the stage full throttle with opener ‘Mexico’ blasting its way through the PA followed by a set full of powerful melodies and cover favourites such as hush ‘Hush’, ‘Midnight Moses’ and ‘Helter Skelter’.

The venues although smaller than the European tour with KISS​, have been more intimate and have allowed the band to connect with the Whitesnake audience who have left the shows with the band in their heart and the album in their pocket!

DekiWeek 1 wrap up of our US tour with Whitesnake