Wanna get on the bus? Get the tour with Marco in Bridgeport

As the US tour edges closer to its final days with KISS, third stop from the end is at Bridgeport, CT. Before the boys depart Boston, they make a stop an Fenway Park, the oldest baseball stadium in the US. A legendary place to visit for all sports freaks. But they can’t stay long, there is work to do, fun to have and music to play: The Daisies to visit iRock Radio in Farmington and rock a couple of acoustic numbers out on air. Onwards then it goes to Bridgeport and another big show with KISS.

Often fans ask how the band travels: One means of transportation is – of course – the tourbus. A legendary vehicle, home to rockstars all over the world, the place of tall tales from the wild life, and sometimes a bit like a submarine. Wanna look inside? Marco gives you the tour! Check out the pictures and the video. He even gets to kick a soccer ball around. Of course, the fridge needs to be stocked, and Krista from the Daisies team takes care of that today. Note all the, er, health food like crisps and sweets. The guys are pros, however, so they keep that stuff in check. And if in doubt, a nice cold beer does help the nutrition, doesn’t it?

Then it’s off to soundcheck and time to rock: Marco gets some stretching done, Brian proudly wears his new kickass Van Halen shirt given to him by KISS drummer Eric Singer. The show goes down a storm, making our guys really happy once more. Thanks to all of you for the amazing reaction, for turning up early and saying Hi at the signings!

Soon the road calls again, off to the bus it is, for the trip to New York City, the place of the band’s first headline show in the US!


DekiWanna get on the bus? Get the tour with Marco in Bridgeport