With rehearsals done and all the preparations in place for the tour, today was the time for reflection and relaxation. The heat in the summer sun was warming up the city as Doug and Glenn went for a long walk around Central Park. The famous park situated in the heart of Manhattan sprawls for miles and is full of interesting and unusual places and people and if it wasn’t for the looming skyscrapers you can see when you look up you could be forgiven for thinking you were in another time and place as the horse drawn carriages meander past. They came across a classical guitar player busking by the large lake. He immediately caught the guys attention as he was playing an amazing instrumental version of ‘Stairway to Heaven’. Glenn and Doug both tipped him well and he was shocked when he found out who they were. Never one to miss the opportunity to say hello to dogs, Glenn befriended some new four legged friends as they made their way around the park taking pictures with them. As the sun eventually faded, today was the longest day of the year, the bright lights and neon signs lit up the New York streets once more.


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