2023.09.09 TDD_US_DAY_20-37

The band is back in Vegas baby! The fun capital of the world and the playground for all that’s naughty but fun. The Daisies were back in Count’s Vamp’d to rock out to another packed out audience. This city never sleeps, and playing a venue with a distinct vampire theme could not be more appropriate. Our very own five vampires looking to party all night, took to the stage with one intent and one intent only, to take hold of the place and set it alight with big and bombastic powerful Rock music. Like a scene from ‘Dusk Till Dawn’, the place went wild as The Dead Daisies ripped into classic cuts like ‘Mexico’, ‘Born To Fly’, ‘Dead and Gone’ while they finished off the night with a rousing rendition of the Whitesnake classic ‘Slide It In’.

John with a glint in his eye surveyed the crowd before making sure everyone was enjoying themselves to the max, while David and Dougs stabbing guitars attacked every song in their path. The low monstrous rumble from bass master Michael and rhythm king Brian shaked the venue all night long. This is what Vegas is all about, one huge party, but remember, after having the best time ever, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…! One more night of partying and loud Rock music to go, Tonight it’s LA!!!

Additional photos by Brian Roberts Cummins, Evonn Avila, James Burrowes, Linda Olson, Dorrie Lynn England