USA Through John Corabi’s Eyes

Doesn’t a picture paint a 1000 words? See our tour of the USA with Whitesnake through John Corabi’s eyes. Day by day.

Day 1, Rehearsal NYC

A94A0151 A94A0184 A94A0196


Day 2, Westbury, NY

A94A0322 A94A0343 A94A0414


Day 3, New Haven, CT

A94A0683 A94A0844 A94A1010


Day 4, Travel day

A94A1085 IMG_0218


Day 6, Jacksonville, Fl

A94A1241 A94A1398-2 A94A1550



Day 9, Hard Rock Live, Orlando, FL

A94A1898 A94A2010 A94A2089




DekiUSA Through John Corabi’s Eyes