Ultimate Spotify Playlist Competition



You choose the songs!

Choose your Ultimate Spotify Playlist for The Dead Daisies. Pick your all time 14 best classic rock tracks including 2 of your favorite Daisies songs and we will choose the playlist we think rocks the best!

How to enter:

  • Sign up for Spotify – It’s Free!
  • Craft a playlist with your 14 favorite classic rock songs, and don’t forget 2 need to be from The Dead Daisies.
  • Share your playlist on Spotify, and post it to facebook (use the round circle next to the play button). Don’t forget to use #UltimatePlaylistComp
  • Copy the HTTP link (also in the round circle next to the play button) and past that into an email to:

The best playlist (as judged by The Dead Daisies) will win a year of premium membership to Spotify and have their playlist featured on our website, newsletter and featured as our monthly Spotify playlist!

Think hard…. and start crafting the Ultimate Playlist! We will be picking the winner on Jan. 31st!

DekiUltimate Spotify Playlist Competition