Titanic Performance in Belfast 

TDD-11.12.22- Belfast-77

The Belfast crowd were more than delighted to see The Dead Daisies make their return to the city after 4 years with a great new album in ‘Radiance’ to promote.

In the city where the mighty ship Titanic was built and with the tour over the halfway mark, the guys are clearly locked in tight with their performance making the show an absolute killer. Like a well oiled machine, the components of David, Glenn, Doug and Brian fitted tightly together and fired out a number of favourites like ‘Fortunate Son’ and ‘Bustle and Flow’ along with new heavier favourites like ‘My Fate’ and ‘Face Your Fear’.

The crowd hung on every word that Glenn spoke or sang and they fitted tightly into the constant heavy groove created by the band on stage. There were a good number of new faces in the audience that had never seen the band before, and afterwards they were in awe of what they had just witnessed. The tour now heads to Scotland for the first time since 2018.

Additional photos by Darren Mcveigh, Pat Vickers, Stephen Murray, Carl O Foran, Colm O Meara, Ger McDonnell, Katarzyna Agatiello, Paul Lynam, Rocky Starr, Phillip Woodside, William McCollum, Marc Leach

DekiTitanic Performance in Belfast