Thousands come out early to watch The Daisies at Download Festival


Sunday the 14th June has been marked in The Dead Daisies calendar for sometime. It was D-day, that’s ‘DOWNLOAD’ Day!

With a spot usually reserved for breakfast, the guys took to the stage at 11am when most respecting rock stars would be sleeping off the previous nights partying. ‘Mexico’ rang out through the PA as the band stormed in to a brief but dynamite set.

The usual oversleeping rock fans remembered… in their thousands to turn on their alarms. The turn out was absolutely tremendous; you could see heads for what seemed like miles in a glorious mud bath! But even that didn’t stop this rocking welly brigade punching the air.

Finishing off with ‘Lock ‘N’ Load’, the short set gave a swift hard kick to the balls of Download and set the day up nicely for those lucky festival fans fortunate to witness The Dead Daisies debut at Download.



DekiThousands come out early to watch The Daisies at Download Festival

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