The Dead Daisies’ NEW single Featuring Slash ‘Lock’N’Load’ Available Now

Featuring the signature guitar riffs of Slash (Dik Hayd Records) and laced with Jon Stevens’ trademark vocals Spitfire Music is proud to release The Dead Daisies’ debut single ‘Lock ‘N’ Load’.

“Slash and I wrote ‘Lock ‘N’ Load’ which was recorded with Simon Horsford, and John Fields, who produced The Dead Daisies album. Slash loves the song and the album, and is really happy with the way they have turned out. He doesn’t just play on anyone’s album… this is a labour of love.” – Jon Stevens.

Slash recently tweeted on March 23:’Heard the mix of “Lock & Load.” A song Jon Stevens & I wrote. Sounds great. He’s recorded it w/his band DEAD DAISIES. W/my gtrs’.

Joining The Dead Daisies directly off the Thin Lizzy Australian tour is Californian, hard rock bassist Marco Mendoza. With a career spanning more than twenty years, Mendoza has played with the cream of the rock industry, including Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent and Whitesnake.

Hammond keyboardist extraordinaire Clayton Doley (The Divinyls, Jimmy Barnes, Silverchair), also joins The Dead Daisies for the Aerosmith Tour dates.

Another addition to The Dead Daisies lineup is Australian born drummer and songwriter, Alex Carapetis. Now residing in Los Angeles Carapetis has toured with the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Robbie Williams and Vicky Cryer.

Official video clip for ‘Lock ‘N’ Load’ to be released early May.

Lock 'n' Load

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DekiThe Dead Daisies’ NEW single Featuring Slash ‘Lock’N’Load’ Available Now