The Dead Daisies Rock Israel!


After successful debut appearances in Australia, New Zealand, USA and the UK, what better place to finish the tour on the lead up to Christmas, but the Holy Land itself. The Barby, Tel Aviv, Israel was the last stop of the tour.

Piloted by guitarist David Lowy, the band touched down in Israel ahead of a week that would be filled with many new experiences for the Dead Daisies.

A busy schedule of rehearsals in the old Port District of Shablul, a workshop for 25 kids from local music schools and a private gig for 250 invited guests including national media, musicians and friends kicked off a very busy first day for the band.

Between the magical moments of live performances there can be a great deal of downtime. Throughout this tour, the band has been resourceful with their days off, steeping them in local culture. The trip to Israel was no different, the boys were spoiled for choice on what to explore in this magnificent part of the world.

Visiting the Holy City of Jerusalem and the world famous ‘Wailing Wall’, exploring ethnic markets and back streets, experiencing the phenomena that is the Dead Sea, and yes, the ‘Dead’ Daisies did go into the ‘Dead’ Sea, beaches in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Masada and even a drive through the Golan Heights were just some of the many highlights.

A week of cultural experiences was then followed by a night of melodic and soulful experiences when the band exploded on to the stage at the Barby playing to a sold out audience. Joining them onstage were Ninet Tayeb and Tom & Orit from HaYehudim, established artists within Israel. 2013 had a great finish to what has been a great year for the Dead Daisies.


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DekiThe Dead Daisies Rock Israel!