The Daisies and KISS rock beautiful Newcastle!


The Daisies and KISS arrived in Newcastle, NSW yesterday – the most populated area in the state outside of Sydney. It was a beautiful day, which showcased the best of Newcastle and the Daisies hit the stage at 7.45pm.

Most of the crowd may have initially came out to see KISS, but many went away happy knowing they had discovered something new and awesome in The Dead Daisies, clutching their copies of the latest cd ‘Revolucion’ in their hands as they left. And who could blame them, as the band in full throttle burst onto the stage with opening number ‘Midnight Moses’ before fire-ing into ‘Mexico’, ‘You and I’, ‘Hush’ and much more. As popular drummer Brian Tichy thumped out the backbeat for ‘Helter Skelter’, the band knew that this was a night to remember.

With some great gigs and audiences behind them, Brisbane and New Zealand have big boots to fill, but you know its going to be good… better yet, GREAT!



DekiThe Daisies and KISS rock beautiful Newcastle!

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