Your love it’s a modern ball & chain

You shoot up in the bathroom baby your insane

Good luck if you make the morning sun

Ya better wake up before you come undone


It’s tricky when ya backbone slips

Will kill you honey if you don’t get a grip

Been living life in the fast lane

And you’ll soon be certified

Coz you’re getting crazy


Why wont you Talk to Me

Baby Talk to Me

Talk to me


Sometimes a friend is all it takes

To be there right beside you in your darkest days

And if you feel your backbone slip

I’ll be the one that’s there to kiss your lips

We’re all trying to ease your pain

You got a family start again


C’mon and talk to me

Yeah talk to me Baby talk to me


Oh Oh Oh Oh C’mon home child

Baby its not too late

You been gone so long

C’mon home C’mon home




Home child why don’t you come on home

Talk to me Talk to me

Come on Home