2023.09.08 TDD_US_DAY_19-71

With three shows to go including tonight’s performance at the Ramona MainStage in San Diego, the band have an explosive weekend ahead of them with Las Vegas and LA to look forward to. This is another venue popular with the band and their fans, and once again, it’s tightly packed with eager Rockers waiting to see the return of John Corabi lead The Dead Daisies back on stage. They were not disappointed, the band hit the ground running like a tsunami crashing ashore at full speed. One after the other, the huge songs kept coming in waves!

A journey through every studio album released by The Dead Daisies was featured throughout as this line up with John Corabi, Doug Aldrich, Brian Tichy, Michael Devin and founding guitarist David Lowy put the latest spin on ‘Face I Love’, ‘Make Some Noise’ and ‘Born To Fly’. The band, like towering waves, flooded the venue with massive anthems one after the other. There is no stopping the force of the band right now and the last two shows of this tour can only expect to be better and better with every guitar chord strike, every drum hit and every vocal screamed! If you can get a ticket for the last 2 shows, do it NOW!

Additional photos by Lorraine Peet, Mike Holsworth