2023.11.16 COPENHAGEN_DAY_19-99

It has been a while since The Dead Daisies have played in Sweden, but there is no lack of enthusiasm and that is clear to see when they hit the stage of Moriskan Paviljongen in Malmo on the dot of 9pm on Thursday night. The place erupted like a volcano as the band appeared from the darkness and started the familiar rumbling guitar riff of ‘Resurrected’. Once again, another near capacity crowd which is a regular happening on this tour gave out an enormous roar of appreciation loud enough to hear over the water in Denmark, and the band were off, ready to take the audience on a journey through Daisies branded Rock N’ Roll!

Doug ducked and dived, making shapes with his guitar that are very rarely seen on stage today, while constant low rumbling earthquakes from Tichy and Devin made sure you could feel every song in your chest, heart and head! ‘Mexico’, ‘Long Way To Go’ and the rebel rousing version of Whitesnakes ‘Slide It In’ left an undeniable mark on every concert goer tonight. Next up and still in Sweden, it’s the pre-sold out show in Gothenburg. With a few hours to recharge the adrenalin, The Daisies will do it all again tonight!

Additional photos by Gianni Pegoraro, Linda Lundh