Sweaty! Slamming! Sold out! – Karlsruhe made us proud!

Now this evening was something: The first headline show on the Live & Louder World Tour, our biggest headline show in Germany yet – and it was sold-out! Awesome!

It felt good to be playing the longer set. That’s 90 minutes of Rock’n’Roll the fans in Karlsruhe celebrated with us, and loudly. Everybody was drenched in sweat afterwards – always a good sign since the invention of a loud guitar. And loud and seriously rockin’ it was, we can tell you!

John even got a little girl from the crowd up on stage for the end of „With You And I“. It’s great to see youngsters being into cool music already. Parenting level: Expert!

The show ended with a rousing rendition of the Deep Purple classic „Highway Star“, one we haven’t pulled out too often yet. We like throwing in some of the tunes we all know and love. We bet you don’t mind…

We even had some German metal legends visiting us: Gamma Ray’s Kai Hansen plus Helloween’s Dani Löble and Markus Großkopf, who will tour the world this year as „Pumpkins United“. Thanks for dropping by, guys!

And also big thanks to all for coming to the signing. It’s great meeting you guys! Everyone who had their picture taken by Oliver at the Meet and Greet, please wait 24 hours until your pictures are ready to download.

Karlsruhe, you made us proud!

DekiSweaty! Slamming! Sold out! – Karlsruhe made us proud!